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About Dotykačka application

The Dotykačka application has been translated into 12 world languages. To-date, over 66 000 users have downloaded it onto their device from GooglePlay, and this number continues to grow. At present, the Dotykačka application has nearly 25 000 active users.


Target groups

Dotykačka app is designed for small and medium-sized businesses such as:

  • all types of restaurants
  • accommodation services
  • retail and wholesale
  • any kinds of services and crafts

Together with high-quality accessories such us tablets and printers is our POS system practical, intuitive and customer-oriented tool for daily business management with great price-performance ratio.

EET - Electronic records of sales

Functionalities of Dotykačka app

Users of Dotykačka appreciate simplicity, intuitiveness and versatility for different types of businesses. Dotykačka as POS system contains extensive cash register and warehouse management. You can also use remote desktop and mobile management, which allows to create various reports and overviews, organize and manage inventory in several warehouses or perform a stocktake.

The functions of Dotykačka app

Compatibility of Dotykačka app

The application is available for devices with Android platform.


Test Dotykačka app for free!

Download our free Dotykačka app with a time limited license from Google Play to your Android running device and test its intuitiveness and customer friendly interface.

Get it on Google Play

This version of Dotykačka application is fully functional and free for 30 days. After this time, you will be able to work only in demo mode - all items will automatically have the same price 99 CZK.

Switching to the NAPLNO full licence

Contact us

If you are interested in using Dotykačka app for longer time period, please contact us.

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