Switching to NAPLNO

Switching to the NAPLNO full licence is simple! 


Switching to the NAPLNO full licence is simple!


Switching to the NAPLNO full licence is simple, fast and free of charge. Moreover, significant savings can be made by ordering the licence for a longer period of time: 1 year - you will save 708 CZK, 2 years - you will save 2,832 CZK, 3 years - you will save 6,372 CZK.

Dotykačka, NAPLNO full licence

Take a look at over 70 practical features that you get with this licence


Information about switching to the NAPLNO licence:

Switching to the full version of the NAPLNO licence is free of charge.

All of the data in the application and under remote administration will remain unchanged

The licence key will remain the same.

The change takes place immediately after it is performed in the systems. The change takes place once every 12 hours or it can be forced in by switching to the licence screen.

The invoiced amount is only changed as of the following month.

Please request the change by e-mail: 

zmena_licence@dotykacka.cz or change_license@dotykacka.cz.

Please indicate the company name, company registration number, payment period (one month, 1, 2, 3 years) and contact details.

You will then be asked to confirm the changes.